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KJ Hurt
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“KJ is genuinely compassionate about helping others. She is such a supportive individual with a heart for making a difference in the lives of others!”

“My experience with KJ Hurt has been overwhelmingly positive. Her compassionate approach immediately puts me at ease and allows me to maintain my dignity even during times of vulnerability.”

“KJ Hurt is an amazing therapist. She is an excellent listener, is very easy to talk to, and really takes the time to understand the needs of her clients. Her approach is geared towards improving family life in the home through positive reinforcement and behavioral changes. She has made a big difference in our family. Thanks KJ!”

“All the help and support you have given me since my first appointment has been great. I am definitely in a much better place. From my heart I genuinely thank you. Your work is working with me for the good! You are a great person.”

“KJ is empathetic towards people coping with everyday life situations. She is very open minded and compassionate, and will give insightful feedback. KJ is a trusted individual who will be there for you.”

“My daughter is doing much better and we have made some great progress.”

“KJ Hurt exhibits patience, kindness and most of all, the growing desire to help others. There are many people who will listen, but the difference here is she truly cares and works to help. Not only to find the problem, but work with you to create a plan to overcome the issue.”

“With confidence, I can recommend KJ Hurt as one of the most engaging listeners practicing professional counseling and therapy. Her approach to communication leaves her clients free to express thoughts and feelings without judgment and condescension. You will very quickly realize through conversation that she is a person that can be entrusted with your story, provide thought-provoking questions, and take your experience with counseling to a different level.”

“KJ is an active listener on any topic. She carefully takes in everything you say and then helps you to consider the next best step. KJ is incredibly caring and genuine. She never makes me feel like my concerns are small or insignificant. I always leave feeling better than before. Thanks for everything you do!”

“Reflective listener… that’s how I would describe KJ. Sometimes I think she reads my mind and understands me even better than I understand myself. She has an easygoing, casual way of communicating my emotions back to me to put my circumstances in perfect perspective.”

“I can vent to KJ Hurt about the issues that are going on in my life and I know she’s not judging me. It’s so nice to get these things off my chest.”

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